Best LED Strip Light Fixtures Categories You Can Have

Best LED Strip Light Fixtures Categories You Can Have

LED strip light fixtures are suitable for many different applications. They are often used for commercial or residential purposes, and they can be used in different ways. Here are some of the most popular categories of LED strip light fixtures to consider when shopping for them:

Medium Round Lens LED light

This is one of the most common LED strip light fixtures available in the market. It has a medium size lens and it comes with a round shape. The most important feature of this kind of fixture is that it provides even distribution of light throughout the room. It also offers high lumen output which makes it ideal for large rooms or spaces. They’re perfect for illuminating an entryway, hallway or kitchen island. You can also use them in living rooms and bedrooms to create ambiance at night.

Small Round Lens LED linear lighting

There are two types of small round lens lights, one is behind a transparent acrylic lens, and the other is behind a frosted glass lens. The transparent acrylic lens can make the light softer and uniform, so it is mainly used for indoor lighting; and the frosted glass lens can make the light more scattered and brighter, so it is mainly used for outdoor lighting. This type has been around for several years now and continues to be popular because it works well with most architectural styles and can be used in both new construction projects and renovations as well.

Square Lens linear LED lighting

These types of LEDs are commonly used as task or reading lights over work spaces such as desks or end tables as well as behind televisions or computer monitors. They come in many different sizes ranging from 1/16" to 2". The square lens design provides more even illumination around the entire fixture than other types of strip lights do since they emit light in all directions around their body rather than just forward out the ends like most other strip lights do. These fixtures can be mounted on walls and ceilings easily without any drilling required.

Square Lens Linear LED Lighting

Square lens linear LED light fixtures are typically used as edge lighting or backlighting in retail environments where they want their product to stand out from the background. These lights are also great for highlighting architectural elements such as columns or other decorative features on your shelf display. They can also be used as accent lighting along the perimeter of walls or counters to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space without requiring any additional electrical wiring that would otherwise create an eyesore for customers walking through your store or restaurant.

Big Round Lens linear LED lights

The round lens LED light fixture is used to create a uniformed effect on large areas. The light produced by the fixture is bright and evenly distributed. You can use it in your living room, dining room or kitchen area. This kind of light fixture is also known as a track lighting system, which means that you will need an additional track to install it. The best thing about this type of light fixture is that it allows you to change the direction of the lights easily by just moving it up or down. It does not have any visible wires because all of its components are hidden inside the housing.

Tubeless LED linear light

The tubeless LED linear light is an efficient and cost-effective lighting solution. This is because it does not contain any glass or tube parts, which means that its maintenance cost will be significantly lower than other types of lights. It can be used for general lighting or as accent lights for your home or office.


A wide variety of strip lights are available today, with a number of specialized fixtures to match. Strip lights offer excellent versatility and flexibility for most any application that you can think of. If an LED strip light cannot be accommodated, then the job probably needs to be handled differently in order to ensure its specific purpose.