Things You Should Know Before Getting a Residential Pool Water Slide 

Things You Should Know Before Getting a Residential Pool Water Slide 

Are you thinking of going extra in your backyard? Start with adding a pool water slide. It is a fantastic accessory to add to your swimming pool. It makes it more fun, especially for kids. Most public and commercial, recreational facilities add water slides to their pools to enhance their appeal. You can also install a water slide at a residential pool. However, you should know a few things about water slides for pools before purchasing one and installing it in your swimming pool.

Things to know before installing a residential pool water slide

Shopping for swimming pool slides is relatively easy. There are many reliable manufacturers like Cenchi. The Cenchi pool water slide manufacturers offer a wide range of well-known designs and innovations for swimming pool slides. Again, before considering one for your residential swimming pool, below are some things you should know;

Check your local codes

Before looking into water slides for pools, you may benefit from doing some research. For instance, check your local codes regarding swimming pool slides. The codes will inform you if slides are prohibited in your region. They will also notify you of water slide installation laws and regulations. For instance, what documents do you need to file to install a swimming pool slide?

Consider the different slide categories

You may also benefit from knowing the slide categories you can consider for your swimming pool. Most categories are based on their installation. For instance, straight-leg slides can have open or closed slides. On the other hand, molded slides have enclosed stairways and are safer. There are also pedestal leg slides with rounded mount bases. The categories also differ based on the slide materials. Understanding the water pool slide categories will help you choose based on your budget, installation, applications, and area codes.

Water depth recommendations for installing pool slides

There are specific water depth recommendations for installing swimming pool slides. The standard rule is that slides must be fitted over 36 inches worth of water depth. However, different slides have varying water depth recommendations. Regardless, the pool should not be too shallow or too deep for safety concerns. Most often, you will get guidance on how to go about water depth and slide fitting. However, reading and obtaining relevant information before investing your money is a good move.

There is no standard installation technique for pool slides

The installation procedures for pool slides differ depending on the type of slide. They also vary based on where you wish to install them. However, manufacturers usually offer specific installation instructions for their slides. Do not be shy about seeking help with the installation. It’s better to have someone do it for you than end up with shoddy work. You can also seek help when you need clarification on a particular instruction.


Swimming pool slides are ideal for homes, backyards, schools, public pools, hotels, or resorts; they are also fantastic for adults and kids. Since they are interactive and refreshing, do not hesitate to buy a residential pool water slide if you have planned to surprise your loved ones; they will love it.